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Organic, Innovative, Sustainable.

Established in 2004, we provide eco-friendly product solutions for home gardening, community land care, and professional plant production.

Organics Alive is a sustainable, agronomic company.

Harnessing the vast capabilities of soil biology and the art of fermentation, we have created an all-natural product line to help preserve regenerative and sustainable farming.

OA Product Range


Producing products that improve soil health which in turn allows plants, crops, and landscapes to grow without the need for synthetic fertilizers.


Pioneering next generation soil and plant care, using carbon-based technology with no animal by-products.


Providing solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through our technology and advocacy.

@scottolagranola, Sierra Nevada

Grower's Pick

The Foliar Spray Trio.

Featured Product

FPF Fulvic Acid

You don’t have to go to the Himalayas to get great Fulvic Acid.

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FPF Fulvic Acid

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Customer Testimonials

Hardwoods Hempco "I’m not sure I’ll grow another hemp flower crop without your products. The difference is indisputable."

Hardwoods Hempco, Michigan

Temecula, California "I have been really loving your products! Works amazing, and beyond cost effective!"

Temecula, California

Grass Valley, California "The quality and the health of my plants is night and day!"

Grass Valley, California