Organics Alive Strongly advocates Eco-Friendly gardening practices. We are dedicated to bringing the garden community innovative technology to advance horticultural techniques. We strive for sustainable gardening through enhanced vermiculture, fermentation and biological applications.

Organic Fertilizers

Organics Alive V-Series Fertilizers are innovative, certified organic and are available in Dry Soluble and Granular forms. They are derived from microbial extracts but are absent of any microbes. They exclude salts, chemicals and non-essential…

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The concept and the use of compost teas and Microbial solutions are rapidly developing in the garden industry. Gardeners are beginning to embrace the benefits of microbiology, healthy soil development, and the rewards of organic…

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Organics Alive Fermentation Extracts harness the the power of foods for plant nutrition rather than using animal by-products or heavy mining operations. OA Fermentation extracts focus on long-chain large molecules, Fulvic, amino, and humic acids…

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Worm Casting Blends

WORM CASTINGS Organics Alive Worm Castings are created with Eisenia Foetida Red Wigglers worms. Our feeds exclude animal waste, and landscape trimmings. Our castings are high in Chitin and Cellulose nutrient recyclers and show a…

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