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Sample Kit
Sample Kit
Sample Kit

Sample Kit



Proof is in the Pudding kit! Enough for a full term run of 2 plants in 5-gallon pots or less. This sample pack has a little bit of all our products to help you decide if Organics Alive is right for you or for anyone who knows our products go a long way! We hope you love it! Enjoy!

Dig Deeper
This is a great kit to help you decide if Organics is right for you. You will notice right away!
Directions in the kit.
Us vs Them


Conventional fertilizers are comprised of salt: a compound made of one positive (cation) and one negative (anion) component. All conventional synthetic and organic fertilizers have a large salt composition. These ions separate in water (soil moisture), creating higher concentrations of  ions that can burn plant roots and leaves. Higher concentrations of salt will deplete soil oxygen and water, depriving soil microorganisms and the soil structure of the qualities needed to create a healthy environment for your plants to thrive. 

Organics Alive

OA fertilizers do not break into anions and cations because they are built on carbon. 

Therefore, OA fertilizers are neutral and do not contain excessive salts like conventional fertilizers. 

Regular fertilizers break down into nutrient ions (NO3-, PO4-2 or K+) and are absorbed by the plant roots through active transport, meaning the plant needs to expend energy and/or exchange other nutrients to allow absorption inside the plant. OA fertilizers do not undergo this break down process because they are built on carbon and are neutral. The carbon acts as a facilitator for passive absorption which allows the plant to save energy for its growth.  

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Ready to grow?

Download the OA Grow Guide or head to Grower’s Downloads Section > for more product info.

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