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Our Story

We stand for sustainable gardening through organic, natural methods.

Our Founders

Organics Alive was founded in 2004 by two surfers from San Clemente. Growing up as surfers, Todd and Erik’s connection with the ocean cultivated their respect for Mother Nature and the philosophy of how they approach building their company.

“The ocean teaches us so much; The ebb and flow of peace and turmoil, cautious humility, patience, commitment, and how to have fun. It teaches us that everything is connected. The sea affects the land and the land affects the sea. This is where our story as farmers began; in the ocean.”

Todd Surfing
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Our Company

Organics Alive was formed as a sustainable agronomic company to provide gardeners with another option from toxic chemical fertilizers and to advocate an all-natural, organic and sustainable method of gardening and agriculture.

We dedicate our time and resources to develop innovative and forward moving fertilizer technology. Our strengths include vermiculture, fermentation, microbial extraction, and carbon-based fertilizers. All of this is achieved without the use of animal by-products, heavy mining or conventional salt composition.

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Our Mission

OA is advancing the organic movement by eliminating the vast amount of agro-chemicals being used and leached into our waterways, ultimately polluting the Earth's oceans.

Through our products, our farming practices, fast-growing community and environmental advocacy, we are on a mission to enhance the human connection with the natural world.

This in turn, leads to the repair of ecosystems and the reversal of damaging habits that have been created by modern agronomics.

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