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FCB Castor Bean Foliar
FCB Castor Bean Foliar

FCB Castor Bean Foliar


Licensed Cultivators Please reach out for Pricing.

Organics Alive FCB is an organic & natural liquid derived from fermented castor beans. It regulates and manages the energy process in the plant at different growth stages. FCB helps keep plants cells turgid under hot and dry conditions.

*Photos feature the gallon container.

Promotes Growth
Stress Management
Foliar Spray
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FCB regulates plant energy by managing excess radiation absorbed by the leaves. This process results in redirecting energy in the plant for higher photosynthesis rate and nutrient absorption to convert them into carbohydrates, sugars and proteins.  


FCB allows your plant to minimize the use of ATP from the mitochondria that cools down chloroplast and redirects that energy for plant growth and health. Active ingredients in the product also regulate plant-cell osmotic potential to reduce water loss and stimulate plant growth. In this entire process, the plant improves its nutrients utilization resulting in faster growth, mitigating stress and increasing yields with a better quality of harvest. 

  • Protects plants from heat and moisture stress. 
  • Saves plant energy resulting in increased growth. 
  • Controls transpiration rate & avoids wilting. 
  • Increases heat and stress tolerance. 
  • Increases plant vigor & yield. 
  • Safe to handle and easy to spray on all crops.
  • 2-4 ml per gallon foliar only. 
  • ½ gallon per acre foliar only. 
  • Can be used in all phases of growth considering environmental conditions meet foliar requirements.
Us vs Them


Other companies mine for humic and fulvic acids as well as minerals. Because these materials come from thousands of years of decomposition, companies must find their sources deep within the ground. This is not sustainable and devastating to the earth. It is also a fact that the extraction process of pulling these elements from the ground brings with it heavy metals which is bad for applied soil and in some cases can fail compliance regulations in certain crops. Because the top name brands have inefficient extraction processes and heavy mining costs they must sell diluted. This creates the need to use 15ml-30ml in a single gallon of water adding to the expense of crop production. 

To some credit; some fulvic acid which is mined can be sourced in clean mountain areas, but do you want to be a part of shredding ancient Himalyan mountains to feed your plants?  

Organics Alive 

Organics Alive uses a more sustainable approach to retrieve high quality inputs. Our team has been testing with grains and seeds, of all nature, spent, sprouted and fresh to produce what is needed from nature. We have formulated a fermentation process to retrieve the nutrients needed without conventional mining. This process creates a clean source of nutrients absent of heavy metals and high usage needs. 

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Ready to grow?

Download the OA Grow Guide or head to Grower’s Downloads Section > for more product info.

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