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We are farmers helping farmers.

Organics Alive is a San Clemente-based company with 130 acres of farmland nestled in the San Felipe hills, in beautiful San Diego, CA.

We are currently farming 25 acres of organic high-grade hemp.

Our farm is also home to one of the healthiest olive orchards in San Diego, producing a variety of organic extra virgin olive oil.

We have decades of successful cultivating experience.

It has been our mission since 2004 to help farmers find success through forward thinking products. Organics Alive has a proven track record with exceptional results, structural convenience and convincing economics.

• OA Fertilizers are innovative, organic, and are available as Dry Soluble Powders and Slow Release Granular.

• OA Fermentation liquid additives are low usage, highly effective. Our additives are created to directly impact and enhance crop quality and yields.

• OA Soil Amendments and Microbial Solutions will improve soil quality and plant resilience by adding beneficial microorganisms, organic matter, and balanced minerals.  

Farming is our passion, regenerative is our philosophy.

Organics Alive provides products and services that help farmers grow cleaner crops with a soil-friendly approach.

We avoid using pesticides or chemicals because it does a disservice to the farmer economically and hurts Mother Nature in the long run. There is no future, whether micro or macro, using chemicals or high-salt fertilizers.

We are here to help you succeed.

Organics Alive attributes its success to the indisputable and distinguishable flower it creates in a commercial setting.

We take craft to scale.

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