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              Organics Alive Hydroponics

What was previously considered impossible is now not only achievable but also superior.

  • Fertigation friendly, no clogs
  • No microorganisms or bio-film 
  • No heavy metals or chemical substances
  • No salts, or salt build up
  • Flexible protocol unlocks boundless genetic artistry
  • V- Series Powders 100% Soluble
  • All in one stock tank mixture
  • Stable pH. Stock tank shelf life 3-5 days
  • No EC readings or EC breakdown 
  • Dry backs focus on substrate's water-air ratios
  • Flower follows gentic design, not forced 
  • Enhanced terpenes, productive and diverse resin 
  • Promotes genetic flower structure and color
  •  Clean, safe, efficient and farmer friendly 
  • Economical, productive yield, positive core values 

                                                         Fertigation Delivery System Set up.  

Organics Alive attributes its success to the indisputable and distinguishable flower it creates in a commercial setting.

We take craft to scale.

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