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Giving Back

by todd salemi |

Organics Alive was founded in 2004 by two surfers from San Clemente.

Growing up as surfers, our connection with the ocean cultivated our respect for Mother Nature and the philosophy of how we approach building our company. 

Our team is dedicated to helping communities around the world. Giving back is important to us and we see it as our responsibility as a business.

We have chosen to work with strategic allies who are making a significant impact in the world.

A portion of our sales will be donated through strategic partnerships to help causes that are making a big difference organically. 

We are proud and stoked to be working with 1% for the Planet to help great causes making a difference.

How is your company helping others? We challenge all other companies in our industry to help others and the environment. Make your money matter.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability through our GIVING BACK program.