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Worm Castings Bloom Home Garden
Worm Castings Bloom Home Garden

Worm Castings Bloom Home Garden


Organics Alive Worm Casting Bloom is a topper or backfill made for fruiting and flowering trees and plants. Worm Castings Bloom checks off all these factors and is apparent when used during planting or transition period of your plant cycle. Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom will increase the health of your plants and trees to the end of its life cycle to produce high quality crops and increased yields.

Volume: 10lbs

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Dig Deeper
Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom focuses on the top 10cm of the soil horizon which has the most available phosphorus. Adding the active and potent Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom increases the cycling of phosphorus from the roots to above ground plant biomass. This cycle is constant with the proper biology and will increase availability and absorption by your plants during flower stages of growth. Many factors contribute to your plants intake of phosphorus and potassium such as mineral balance, biological balance, pH, and moisture. We add our vegetable compost at a ratio of 70:1 C:N for optimal biological multiplication during flower stages of growth.The multi mineral additives were sourced for their purity, optimal CEC, and high levels of specific trace minerals to ensure optimal phosphorus, potassium and calcium availability as well as focus on co-minerals and trace minerals to maximize absorption during pH and moisture shifts.
Add a 1/2 inch layer to your existing garden beds and around the drip line of plants or mix at 15% in your soil or garden mix.
Us vs Them


Conventional worm castings are grown in controlled warehouses or covered beds. This process is expensive and those costs get passed to you, the gardener. Controlled warehouse beds lack the diversity of environmental changes which is critical in supporting a diverse range of microorganisms or IMO. Warehouse or controlled worm castings are usually Night Crawlers that are fed cheap inputs from surrounding farms such as cow manure, horse manure or GMO grains. These feed stocks lack diversity of microorganisms creating a subpar worm casting.


Organics Alive

Red Wiggler (Eisenia Foetida) castings are smaller than Night Crawler (Eisenia Hortensis). We chose these types of worms due to their composting power, reproductive ability and ingestion process but most importantly the diversity of microorganisms.The castings they create are finer than Night Crawler species but more potent in their biological makeup. 

What separates our worm castings from all other worm castings is the biological makeup. Our worm castings have a potent amount of chitin and cellulose recycling organisms. These organisms promote substantial plant health by directly competing with bad microbes trying to infiltrate the plant root zone. They consume other microbes which releases nutrients and increases the availability of these nutrients to the plants. The cycling of these nutrients decreases plant stress and frees the plant to focus on growth rather than defense.

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