Worm Casting Blends

Organics Alive Worm Castings are created with Eisenia Foetida Red Wigglers worms. Our feeds exclude animal waste, and landscape trimmings. Our castings are high in Chitin and Cellulose nutrient recyclers and show a consistent balance and “excellent range” numbers in biological testing. Our production facility is outside taking advantage of the surrounding elements. Red wiggler castings are smaller than Night crawler (Eisenia Hortensis). We chose these types of worms due to their composting power, reproduction ability and ingestion process. The castings they create are small and finer than Night Crawler species but more potent in their biological makeup. We screen our castings using 1/8-inch screen. This allows for a remanence of beneficial bed run full of amino acids, carbon and microbial bio-film. Organics Alive Earthworm Castings are abundant in nutrients. It is rich in humus, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients, and beneficial soil micro-organisms. Studies showed that exchangeable potassium (K) was over 95% higher in Organics Alive Castings compared with conventional compost. There are also over 60% higher amounts of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). Organics Alive worm castings have very high porosity, aeration, and water holding capacity decreasing water usage and dependency. It contains plant-available nutrients and increases the stowing capacity of nutrients for longer period. Organics Alive Worm Castings are certified Organic by the CDFA and certified and suitable material for CCOF food production.

Organics Alive Premium Mix is a rich soil amendment that includes Organics Alive worm castings, pure vegetable compost, fossilized kelp calcium and powdered volcanic rock mineral. These ingredients have been specifically chosen and carefully measured for the optimal balance of biological growth and supplementation of soil nutrients.
Organics Alive Premium Mix is designed to encourage long term soil sustenance for season after season progression. This progression is directly related to the enhancement of microbial activity and the addition of biological food sources. Organics Alive Premium Mix will encourage lush and vigorous plant growth, optimal health and an earth-friendly method of gardening.
Organics Alive Premium Mix contains pure vegetable compost. Our vegetable compost has been composted using high diversity microbial solution and has a Carbon: Nitrogen ratio of 30:1. The C: N ratio of compost is critical for the balance of biological multiplication. Worm castings have a calcium carbonate hydrophobic layer. When water is added to worm castings directly, it will not penetrate the casting. Research shows when adding a layer of compost or mixing compost with worm castings two effects will take place: Pure vegetable compost will hold moisture to begin the removal of the hydrophobic layer. When this layer is dissolved by moisture, the compost blend will immediately begin to feed micro-organisms the required Carbon and Nitrogen. This feeding will begin the biological growth within the soil.
Another ingredient in Organics Alive Premium Mix is fossilized kelp Kelzyme. This supplies calcium, which is responsible for rapid cell structure to encourage vigorous growth and a robust garden; it also helps to push salts below the root web reducing salts build up and balancing osmotic pressure. Fossilized kelp Kelzyme also supplies the soil biology with needed potassium and phosphorus for healthy root development.

Fossilized Kelp Kelzyme is different than kelp and has been mineralized for more beneficial attributes and geared towards microbial food. Organics Alive Premium Mix also includes very accurate measurements of powdered volcanic rock mineral. Powdered volcanic rock contains 85 necessary and important levels of trace minerals and micro-nutrients to help assist plant needs and sustain a nutritional balance in the root zone. Organics Alive Premium Mix is Certified Organic by the CDFA and can be used for all CCOF certified Crops.

Coco Blend
Organics Alive Coco Blend is a 50/40/10 non-nutritive coco blend inoculated with biology using our Microbial solution. It includes Organics Alive worm castings and vegetable compost at 30:1 Carbon: Nitrogen ratio. Our worm castings provide the soil-less medium with a full range of micro-organisms that include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, ciliates and chitin and cellulose recyclers. The vegetable compost is included to feed the biology carbon and Nitrogen allowing a balance of biological growth. We add 40% Perlite to counter act the density of the worm castings and the inoculated Coco coir and provide a more aerated consistency. The coco mix is also very effective as a base mix for a low till mixture and for custom blends. The Coco coir and fibers used in our blend are certified RHB and have a balanced pH and EC for optimal uptake and balanced substrate aeration.

Organics Alive Worm Casting Bloom is a topper or backfill made for fruiting and flowering trees and plants. We use a special diet fed to Red Wigglers to create Organics Alive Worm Castings.
We add our vegetable compost at a ratio of 70:1 C:N for optimal biological multiplication during flower stages of growth. The multi mineral additives were sourced for their purity, optimal CEC, and high levels of specific trace minerals to ensure optimal phosphorus, potassium and Calcium availability as well as focus on co-minerals and trace minerals to maximize absorption during pH and moisture shifts. Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom focuses on the top 10cm of the soil horizon which has the most available Phosphorus. Adding the active and potent Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom increases the cycling of phosphorus from the roots to aboveground plant biomass. This cycle is constant with the proper biology and will increase availability and absorption by your plants during flower stages of growth. Many factors attribute to your plants intake of Phosphorus and Potassium such as mineral balance, Biological balance, pH, and moisture. Worm Castings Bloom checks off all these factors and is apparent when used during planting or transition period of your plant cycle. Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom will increase the health of your plants and trees to the end of its life cycle to produce high quality crops and increased yields. Add a ½ inch layer to your existing garden beds and around drip line of plants or mix at 15% in your soil or garden mix