V-PK Granular Slow Release Fertilizer 0-5-5


Organics Alive V-Series Fertilizers are innovative, certified organic and are available in Dry Soluble, Granular and Liquid forms. They are derived from microbial extracts but are absent of any microbes. They exclude salts, chemicals and non essential heavy metals. They are comprised of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in addition to significant amounts carbon as well as other organic molecular compounds derived from microbial extracts.


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Organics Alive has always been on the forefront of innovative technologies. Our research and Development team have helped in manufacturing organic N P K fertilizers through a unique bacterial extraction process from microorganisms.

Organics Alive V-Series Organic Fertilizers are single nutrient source fertilizers with plant available nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Each nutrient is manufactured separately from a pure organic source. They are rich in organic carbon. Different formulations are designed to be used as foliar spray and also for soil application. They also help to increase soil quality when applied on soil

Each nutrient is manufactured by certain bacteria by building its concentration inside their bacterial cell. Once the bacteria are at capacity with the nutrient it is delivered outside the cell through a unique transportation process triggered by bacterial mechanisms. This process results in the release of the fertilizer nutrient outside the bacteria in the medium made for nutrient harvest.

Phosphorous Fertilizer:

Phosphorous is formed in the bacteria as sugar phosphates. These are the high energy molecules produced by glycolysis inside the cell and released in the form of plant available phosphorous (P205) outside the bacteria.

Potash Fertilizer:

Potassium ion (K+) is the major cation inside the normal bacterial cell. These potassium ions are generated at an extraordinary speed by a unique microbe and released outside the bacteria through a unique channel from the cells. This results in the plant available potash as fertilizer.





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