6 Plant full season Balcony Nutrition Package


Waves for Water MVP Filter 


As surfers our team has traveled to many places on Earth to find waves. This usually takes us to 3rd world countries. But even in our own backyard the unfortunate commonality we hear most is “Not to drink water from the tap.” It’s mind boggling that communities even in our own country are having issues with finding clean drinking water in the 21st century.

If our gardens can drink RO water, then so should every human on Earth. And that is why we are getting involved with trying to solve this issue and if you feel the same we hope you get involved too! With every package sold we are donating to a fundraiser we started through the “Waves for Water Project” We will purchase one $50 MVP water filtration system that will help potentially impact 100 people or a small village. These filters remove waterborne diseases that affect many children. This will also reduce plastic bottle usage which ends up harming the ocean and animals, and has a negative environmental impact. We feel strongly about this issue. Clean drinking water and clean lakes, rivers and oceans should be a priority for all communities. Let’s do our part!


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1.5-gallon Bio-Extractor
6ct Bio-packs
1lb V-N Dry Soluble
1lb V-TR Dry Soluble
1lb V-PK Dry Soluble
1-pint FPF Fermented Extract
1-pint FPT Humic Acid
1-Pint FCB Castor Bean Foliar
1lb EME mineral complex
1 5lb Bag Organics Alive Premium Mix Soil Amendment
1 5lb Bag Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom

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