6 Plant Full Season Nutrition Package Pro


Community Garden Development Program

This package is perfect for an avid gardener. Whether it is for a food crop, or just a beautiful bed of vegetables and flowers this package will provide everything your soil and plants need to flourish. Healthy plants, large yields and excellent tastes and smells, all result from Using the Organics Alive Program!

With every sale of this package Organics Alive, with its affiliate Native West, will donate our time and products to help develop gardens in local communities. It is so important to give back to the communities that helped us grow. Every garden we help succeed can change so many people’s lives. If you are on this site than you know how much gardening adds positivity to your life!


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4 Gallon Bio-Extractor (One-time Hardware Investment)
4 Gallon 12ct Bio-Pack Mix Kits (12 Weeks Supply)
1lb V-N Dry Soluble
1lb V-TR Dry Soluble
1lb V-PK Dry Soluble
1 Pint FPF Fermented Extract
1 Pint FPT Humic Acid
1 Pint FCB Castor Bean Foliar
1lb EME mineral complex
1 40lb Bag Organics Alive Premium Mix Soil Amendment
1 40lb Bag Organics Alive Worm Castings Bloom


Community Garden Development Program