Fertilizer and Fermentation


Donate a Bag of Worm Castings

This package includes Organic Carbon based Soluble fertilizers as well as our three fermentations that are perfect for all your amino, fulvic, humic, needs! Watch your flavors and smells come Alive when using our Fertilizers an Fermentations.

When purchasing this Package, Organics Alive will donate a bag of Worm Castings to a School Garden. Through our affiliates, Native West, we help schools and kids better understand where their food grows and how its grown. It’s a hands on project filled with fun and education!


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1lb V-N Dry Soluble
1lb V-TR Dry Soluble
1lb V-PK Dry Soluble
1 Pint FPF Fermented Extract
1 Pint FPT Humic Acid
1 Pint FCB Castor Bean Foliar