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Organics Alive Mix-Kit is an engineered porosity pillow that contains Organics Alive Worm Castings, 30:1/C: N vegetable compost, minerals, and other proper ingredients designed for diverse and balanced biological development. The base mix is what you will be extracting microorganisms from and needs to be at the proper biological levels and quality. Our base Worm Castings have proven to be the most active and diverse on the market.

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The ingredients added to the Mix-Kit feed the biology in the casting to grow and multiply beneficial Micro-Organisms. The ingredients and contents which feed the biology have been tested meticulously until desired biological numbers were achieved and a balance of biology was produced. A balance of biology is imperative for a symbiotic relationship to exist between the plants and roots as well as taking into consideration the biological succession for the type of plant or tree being grown.

The Mix-Kit pillow is made of a porosity fabric that allows biology to exit the pillow (including beneficial fungi with a thick hyphal diameter) without leaving behind any sediment. The Organics Alive Mix-Kit provides a clean microbial rich solution without clogging emitters or tubes and can be used for all sprayers and misters. Organics Alive microbial solution has over 30,000 diverse species and communities. It is balanced biology containing beneficial bacteria, diverse fungal communities, beneficial nematodes, protozoa, and most essential, concentrated and patented levels of over 400,000,000 colony forming units of Chitin and Cellulose nutrient recyclers per gram. This technology has been diligently researched, in academic, agricultural and independent field studies.





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