Bio-Extractor Dual 25/50 Gallon


The Bio-Extractor 25/50 is a dual-purpose Extractor which can brew up 25 gallons or 50 gallons of concentrate corresponding with the grow phase of your crops. 25 gallons can be diluted up to 250 gallons and 50 gallons can be diluted up to 500 gallons based on the Mix-Kit inserted. The 25/50 Dual Extractor is constructed without a tank to decrease the shipping footprint and cost, as well as added convenience as you maintain different gardens and crops. You will need a 55 gallon barrel/ drum. The Fluid Dynamics of the 25/50 Dual Bio-Extractor entails a triple diffuser that creates air through course and fine bubbles at 6ppm diffused oxygen. This provides the proper cavitation to extract and multiply the biology in the Organics Alive Mix-Kits.

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