The concept and the use of compost teas and Microbial solutions are rapidly developing in the garden industry. Gardeners are beginning to embrace the benefits of microbiology, healthy soil development, and the rewards of organic methods. There are a wide range of organic teas and solutions on the market, and there are differences between good quality microbial rich solution and dirty brown water.

Extensive testing has shown that optimal plant results are achieved when the root zone is filled with a high concentration of beneficial, and balanced biology with the diversity of at least 30,000 species and communities. (SFI labs Dr. EI) Beneficial microbes are aerobic or oxygen breathing. Research shows anaerobic or non-oxygen breathing microbes are not beneficial and or can be pathogenic and toxic. Bottled or refrigerated products contain anaerobic or unbeneficial microbes. When searching out a well-rounded microbial solution, a few standard questions should be observed:

Ask these questions when brewing or buying a Microbial Solution.

What is the Bio-diversity of microorganisms?
Total and active microorganisms?
Fungi to Bacterial Ratio?
Full range levels of biology, (bacteria, fungal) Chitinase and Cellulase producing microbes, protozoa, beneficial Nematodes?
Base material being used for extraction?
Overall biological and nutritive levels?

Organics Alive has long avoided being categorized as a compost tea. Using compost in most cases will lack the beneficial properties mentioned in the above checklist.
The Organics Alive recipe contains only 5% high diversity, proprietary treated, vegetable compost mostly used for its Carbon: Nitrogen ratio for balanced biological growth. We extract and multiply beneficial microorganisms from our Eisenia Foetida (Red Wiggler) worm castings and the added elements that feed the biology that consists in the worm castings. This creates a more consistent and superior microbial solution.

Organics Alive Bio-Extractors are built to provide microbial rich solution for every size application. The Fluid Dynamics of the Organics Alive Bio-Extractors are designed and engineered specifically for the extraction of the Organics Alive Mix Kits. The patented internal structures, cavitation process, and oxygen diffusers are engineered and fabricated for an effective Fluid Dynamics Extraction and multiplication process.

The Fluid Dynamics of the Organics Alive Bio-Extractors are designed and engineered specifically for the extraction of the Organics Alive Mix-Kits: D-Packs or O-Packs
The Organics Alive Bio-Extractor is not a conventional compost tea brewer. The patented internal structures, cavitation process, and oxygen diffuser are engineered and fabricated for an effective Fluid Dynamics Extraction and multiplication process. There are several extensive differences that set us apart from a conventional brewer. The first important element to the Organics Alive Bio-Extractor is the oxygen diffuser. The diffuser does not allow biology or bio-films to stick or attach. Any diffuser with a porous nature such as a rock stone or a simple air tube will hinder biological growth and multiplication. Our diffuser pushes air at 6ppm oxygen diffusion creating course and fine bubbles, made to agitate and extract the biology from the cultured Mix-Kit and rapidly multiply aerobic beneficial Micro-organisms. The patented chimney holds the Mix-Kit at a specifically tested and engineered level for perfect cavitation. This allows an extraction and feeding process which multiplies the biology 9 billion times in 24 hours. The tea becomes extremely active, alive and concentrated. The amount of biology in one gallon of brew equates to 2000lbs of Organics Alive worm castings. The Organics Alive Bio-Extractor is very easy to clean, runs efficiently and quietly. It is built to sit in a room temperature, garden or home.

Organics Alive Mix-Kit is an engineered porosity pillow that contains Organics Alive Worm Castings, 30:1/C: N vegetable compost, minerals, and 16 other proper ingredients designed for diverse and balanced biological development. The base mix is what you will be extracting microorganisms from and needs to be at the proper biological levels and quality. Our base Worm Castings have proven to be the most active and diverse on the market. The ingredients added to the Mix-Kit feed the biology in the casting to grow and multiply beneficial Micro-Organisms. The ingredients and contents which feed the biology have been tested meticulously until desired biological numbers were achieved and a balance of biology was produced. A balance of biology is imperative for a symbiotic relationship to exist between the plants and roots as well as taking into consideration the biological succession for the type of plant or tree being grown. The Mix-Kit pillow is made of a porosity fabric that allows biology to exit the pillow (including beneficial fungi with a thick hyphal diameter) without leaving behind any sediment. The Organics Alive Mix-Kit provides a clean microbial rich solution without clogging emitters or tubes and can be used for all sprayers and misters. Organics Alive microbial solution has over 30,000 diverse species and communities. It is balanced biology containing beneficial bacteria, diverse fungal communities, beneficial nematodes, protozoa, and most essential, concentrated and patented levels of over 400,000,000 colony forming units of Chitin and Cellulose recyclers per gram. This technology has been diligently researched, in academic, agricultural and independent field studies.