Organics Alive Fermentation Extracts harness the the power of foods for plant nutrition rather than using animal by-products or heavy mining operations. OA Fermentation extracts focus on long-chain large molecules, Fulvic, amino, and humic acids as well as concentrated carbon and sugars. They dramatically improve the energy management of your plants.

FPF Fermented Grain Extract
FPF is fermented plant and Non-GMO grains. It is not mined or derived from mined sources. FPF is fermented liquid which we isolate and extract using a non-base method for pure and clean material containing no non-essential heavy metals.
FPF contains naturally occurring fulvic acid, amino acids, humic acid, bio-chemicals, minerals, nutrients, enzymes, sugars and hormones. It is of low molecular weight and is biologically very active. Because of its low molecular weight, it can readily bond minerals and elements into its molecular structure causing them to dissolve and become easily absorbed by plants.
Fulvic acid readily complexes with minerals and nutrients making them available to plant roots and easily absorbable through cell walls;
FPF is a powerful foliar inoculant with instant results. The elemental properties within its nature increases the plants ability to open stomata and transpiration and assists plant respiration.
When applying this ferment at 1ml a gallon to both foliage and soil the plant will see increased Brix (sugar content), increased plant health and yield as well as improved soil health.

FCB Castor Bean Foliar
Organics Alive FCB is an Organic & natural liquid derived from fermented Castor Beans. It regulates and manages the energy process in the plant at different growth stages. Normally plants absorb excess radiation from sunlight during the day. This excess radiation generates heat in the plant cell; and to mitigate this heat stress, the plant spends more energy. FCB saves plant energy by mitigating excess radiation absorbed by the leaves and makes the plant energy efficient. This process results in redirecting energy in the plant for higher photosynthesis rate and nutrient absorption to convert them into carbohydrates, sugars and proteins. In short, it allows your plant to minimize use of the ATP from the mitochondria that cools down chloroplast and redirects that energy for plant growth and health. Active ingredients in the product also regulate plant-cell osmotic potential to reduce water loss and stimulate plant growth. In this entire process, the plant improves its nutrients utilization resulting in faster growth, mitigating stress and increasing yields with a better quality of harvest.

Organics Alive FPT Humic Acid is derived from the best sources of Canadian Leonardite. It has a humic acid level at 27% under CDFA testing. FPT is designed to help improve soil quality and stimulate plant growth. It is made from natural and organic sources. The composition is long-chain open organic acids and amino acid groups with high molecular weights. The Major functional groups include phenolic, carboxylic, carbonyl, quinoaid and peptides.
Long-chain organic functional groups help in increasing nutrient exchange processes through the root system. This process results in higher nutrient uptake leading to accumulation of sugars, chlorophyll synthesis and amino acids in plants. Higher brix helps the cells to stress tolerance. Peptide group protects the plant cells from physiological stress against peroxide compounds, toxins and free radicals generally build up in them. As a result, all the plants’ cell energy is used for growth and development. FPT also stimulates microbial population in soil resulting in better nutrient’s transformations and improving soil quality and plant immunity.
FPT can be used for all crops either as foliar spray, through drip systems and soil drench. Two soil applications and one foliar application are recommended
-Peptide molecules in the product protect the plant cells from stress caused by peroxide and other chemical compounds generally produced in the plant cells during its growth. Hydroxyl, quinoid and amino acid molecules stimulate the growing tips of the plant to speed-up the plant growth.
-The long-chain organic carbon molecules in the product help increase nutrient release and mobility in the soil and increase their availability to the plant root system. They also stimulate the microbes in the soil, leading to greater nutrient transformations and soil quality.
-The quinoid, peptide and other high energy molecules in the product stimulate the seeds and breakdown the seed dormancy helping it to germinate faster as compared to a normal seed.