Our roots began to grow in 1997 with a discovery of a diet fed to Eisinea Fetida Earthworms. Through intensive research, we have perfected our worm feed to produce a casting by-product with a high concentration of beneficial, diverse and balanced biology which includes patented levels of chitin and cellulose nutrient recyclers.
Our worms consume a diet that excludes any landscape trimmings, due to the possibility that they were treated with herbicides and pesticides. The worm feed also excludes any manure or animal waste due to their lack of bio-diversity as well as certain animal diets that contain GMO. We feed a natural vegetable waste with additional minerals, and fermentation by-product, that is broken down through a proprietary composting method and finished off with a vermi-composting process. The Earthworms consume tons of waste per hour and secrete a casting by-product (waste) that is rich in beneficial microbes, nutrients, minerals, growth hormones, beneficial enzymes and chitin and cellulose nutrient recyclers.

In 2002 Organics Alive LLC was formed as a sustainable Bio-tech company to provide gardeners with another option from toxic chemical fertilizers and to advocate an all-natural, organic and sustainable method of gardening and agriculture. Our method of composting is truly revolutionary and is at the forefront of Green sustainable technology. Organics Alive’ core technology can help achieve solutions to several social, economic and environmental problems afflicting human society one being safe and sustainable food production.

Our Purpose