Large-scale Organic Hemp applications

Organics Alive has been gardening since 1997. Throughout our gardening careers we have always been an advocate of organic methods. We felt the best flavor, aromas and genetic intricacies were always better achieved by organic gardening. Through years of trials we have created an innovative and unique Organic growing system derived around vermiculture, fermentations and balanced biology. As this industry changes, cannabis businesses will build their reputation around the quality of their product. Some will be tested with regulation. But large-scale organics achieved properly can catapult your business into another competitive class. And if your goal is to create quality product and build a brand around that quality product then we strongly suggest looking further into the Organics Alive Growing System.

Our System is created to address these four areas in both Indoor and Outdoor Settings:
– Crop Management: Microbiology, Plant health and Immunity
– Crop Nutrient management: Micro and Macro Nutrients
– Crop Energy Management: Nutrition uptake efficiency, Photosynthesis efficiency, cellular efficiency
– Genetic Management: Foundation (Farmers obligation)

By focusing on these areas your flowers will grow at their genetic maximum. Organics Alive enhances the growth characteristics of each Cultivar. Increasing Terpene profile, yield, and immunity of the plant.

Organics Alive has worked with many cultivars and fully understands that each one has a different temperament. Flowers require different nutritional needs at different stages. Organics Alive V-Series Dry Soluble Fertilizers are single sourced Fertilizers that allows you to customize your NPK to specifically meet your flowers nutritional needs.

Scalable Organics and Function:
Organics Alive Products are designed for scale. Our Dry Soluble Fertilizer are carbon based and exclude microbes or salts eliminating bio-film or salts build up. This eases the burden on irrigation and labor. Our products are commercial concentrates reducing usage costs, logistics and warehouse costs. Our Bio- Extractor offering includes a Pro-Model stainless steel brewer making function and cleaning efficient and easy.

The Organics Alive Growing system is very efficient to run and is very affordable. The results will allow you to maximize your return, build a business around quality product and take care of the Earth and local environment. Organics Alive full system runs between .01 to 3% of your COGS depending on certain factors. It is the most effective and least costly product line on the market.




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