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Organics Alive products are perfect for homeowners and professionals. We use an organic, chemical free worm casting and carbon-based technology that provides a sustainable and organic option to fertilize and care for all your trees, plants, lawns and crop productions.

Chemical fertilizer passes through the plant root zone in 7-14 days; allowing only 11% to be absorbed and utilized by the plant. 89% leaches and pollutes the surrounding environment flowing into streams, rivers, and oceans. Organics Alive products eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We make it easy to work with Organics for healthier plants, lush gardens, and child and pet friendly landscapes!!

– Increase root growth and root depth
– Decrease soil Salinity and salt lock up
– Reduce water usage
– Increase plant immunity and resilience
– Improved soil structure and aggregates
– Increased flower buds with longer lasting flowers
– Dramatic increase in plant health and vigor

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