Bring Biology Back To Its Roots

The Organics Alive Product line is all natural and certified organic. We provide a variety of soil amendments to create a soil environment for your plants to thrive in. We also provide an in home Bio-Extractor and Mix Kits, which allows you to brew quality Microbial Rich Solution at your own convenience. Our fermentations provide building blocks such as minerals, Amino Acids, humic and Fulvic acids. We extract these elements from Grain, beans and seeds instead of animal byproduct or heavy mining operations that hurt the environment; and finally, our innovative fertilizers which are derived from microbial extracts avoiding animal byproducts, animal waste and contaminated plant sources. They contain no salts, and are made up of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, minerals and contain high amounts of carbon; the basic building blocks of life. Organics Alive provides the most effective garden nutrients on the market today!

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